Bubba Duke






Welcome to Sunrise Vizsla

Sunrise Vizsla is a family business in the thumb of Michigan. We are not a commercial breeder. We only have one litter of pups a year. Our pups are raised with children and we give them special love and attention so they come to your home feeling happy and secure. Come visit us at our home and pick a puppy or just visit to check us out! We have the Dam and Stud at our home for you to view and interact with.

WE ARE TAKING RESERVATIONS NOW! We encourage you to reserve a pup so you don’t miss out on receiving the one you want! Personality traits in pups tend to be set by the 5th or 6th week. We will help you match a puppy’s personality to your family so that you can truly enjoy your new Best Friend and Hunting Companion for many years to come!

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